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CFSL Client 

If you are already a client of CFSL, the way your information is stored and used is described in our contract that you have approved in advance (or the terms and conditions accompanying the request for services). If you are a user of our electronic communication services, the terms and conditions of services provided, the terms of the agreement as well as any permission that you have granted to CFSL will show how the information that you have submitted will be processed.

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All press releases, publications and other documents provided or made accessible to the public, which are contained on this Site are, to the knowledge of CFSL, relevant and timely when they are published. However, with time, the information may become obsolete and you should not rely on the accuracy of such documents beyond the issue dates. CFSL disclaims any responsibility to update the information contained in this Site. It is your responsibility to carefully check the dates of publication of the item contained in the Site.


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